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In the ongoing effort to provide our community with accurate and updated information, I would like to share with everyone details about a story that was reported on Friday, September 7, 2018, WDIV, Channel 4.  

A sixteen-year-old Fordson student had met at a twenty-two year old male online. The male attempted to make contact with the student by gaining entry into Fordson during dismissal time.  He met the student in the school and made inappropriate contact with her. She immediately walked away from him and reported the incident to the School Resource Officer (SRO). The male was later arrested by Dearborn Police.

We are very fortunate that this isolated incident did not result in any further harm coming to the student. As reported on channel 4, the male appeared in court and faces several criminal charges.

I want to thank the Dearborn Police and our School Resource Officer for their swift action. Once again, we are very fortunate to have a great partnership with the Dearborn Police.

Although our school locks all doors during the day, has an electronic system that only allows entry into the building after proper identification, and we have an SRO and several security guards who do an outstanding job of keeping our school a safe and secure building…this incident reminds all of us that the safety and security of our community is a responsibility that requires all of our attention.  

This incident can also be used by parents to start a conversation with their children about the proper and safe use of social media.  Again, I want to emphasis that keeping our school, neighborhood, and community a safe place is a task that requires all of us working together as one team, one school, one community.  



Heyam Alcodray


Fordson High School

Daily Bulletin

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Office of the Superintendent                                            

August 30, 2018


The School District is aware of a video that an employee produced outside of school and the video has been posted on social media. The staff member was immediately placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.  In accordance with employee personnel and due process rights, the Dearborn Public Schools’ practice is to refrain from publicly discussing personnel matters especially during an ongoing investigation. We have followed this practice for many years and have always reached outcomes that are fair and in accordance with the law.   

We will continue to remind all staff members to exercise good judgement when using social media, which includes non-work related activities. With that thought in mind, I encourage parents to make sure they are aware of the social media outlets your children are using and know who they are interacting with when using technology.

I am very proud to be Superintendent of our great district. We are very fortunate to have thousands of outstanding students and thousands of professional and dedicated staff members.  I thank everyone for their hard work and commitment to inspire, educate, and celebrate always with the goal of putting Students First.




Glenn M. Maleyko, Ph.D.


Student email and account access

We are aware of an issue involving student email and accounts. This means that students may not be able to access their email, Clever, MobyMax, etc.

We are working on a resolution. We hope to have access restored quickly.

Great Happenings at Fordson High School: Students First: Inspire, Educate, Celebrate!

Fordson Key Club Group Shot

Fordson’s Key Club recently attended the 67th Michigan District of Key Club International Service Leadership Conference in Kalamazoo, MI.

Key Clubbers from all over MI came together for service, workshops, meetings/events, training, and parliamentary procedures.
Our students shined representing their home school and community in the best of ways! Showing that caring is truly their way of life! They were recognized by the state of MI for all their outstanding service work throughout the year. The following are awards they received:
*100% minuets and monthly award
*Major Emphasis – project eliminate (2nd place)
*Early Bird
*UNICEF award
*Single Service award – SOAP project (2nd place)
*Club Video (1st place)
*Oratorical Speech- Hassan Hammoud (3rd place)
*Outstanding Treasurer-Aya Hamid 
*Outstanding V. President- Hannen Farhat
*And one of our Kiwanis Advsiors Mr. Frank received the Kiwanis Advisor Award (well deserved)
*Hassan Hammoud was voted in to take on the role of District Secretary (this is Big for our school for he will oversee every MI Key Club schools Secretary role (David Tran’s previously role). 
Again these accomplishments and recognition by the state of MI would not be possible with the support of our staff, community, students and most importantly our sponsoring DOD Kiwanians (Advsiors: Mrs. Rosa Scaramucci and Mr. Roger Frank. 
Fordson High School Girls’ Basketball Team Won Their Districts for the First Time Since 1999!  Outstanding job, Lady Tractors! 🙂 
Last weekend the Fordson Robotics team did an absolutely amazing job at the Southfield District Competition and took first place! 🙂

Child Protection Registry

Are your children safe while online? Michigan families, especially minors, are becoming inundated with advertisements from alcohol, tobacco, pornography, illegal drug and gambling marketers through different internet and cell phone inboxes. Texting their advertisements is the newest marketing effort that many of these companies are using. Thankfully, the Michigan Secretary of State’s office offers a free program to stop adult advertisements from reaching e-mails, mobile phones (text messaging ads) and instant messenger IDs. The Michigan Child Protection Registry, like the federal Do Not Call List, is a free do-not-contact service for Michigan’s families.

As a strong supporter of this Registry, I would like to encourage you to sign your entire family up for this program and inform your friends and colleagues about how they can protect their children and families from unwanted adult advertising. To sign up only takes seconds. Just go to and keep your family safe.