SAT Words

Sat Words of the Week of Sept. 24, 2018

Lance- “lans” spear; spike; javelinThe knight held a sharp lance during the battle.
Obscure- “ub-skyoor”

difficult to understand; partially hidden

It has been immensely frustrating that the truth in the case has remained obscure for so long.

Poignant- “poin-yent”

deeply moving; strongly affecting the emotions

One of the most poignant stories in the news last week was about a little boy who lost his entire family in the war.

Respite – “res-pit”

a break; intermission

Finally, the public will experience a respite from the Trump and Clinton campaigns after the elections take place in November.


Terse – “turs”

concise; to the point

She had earlier offered a terse description of how the car accident occurred as she texted while driving.

SAT Words of the Week

for September 17, 2018

Subsequent- “sub-see-kwent”

coming after something in time  

Subsequent editions of the book will be based on the early lives of the characters.

Boorish-  “boo-rish”


The boorish behavior of the child in the store was a result of him being tired and bored.

Cynical- “sin-i-kal”

believing that people act only out of selfish motives

The new car buyer was very cynical of the sales pitch

Epistle- “ih-pis-ol”

a letter (form of communication), usually referring to an extract from the New Testament

The reverend referred to the epistle in his Sunday sermon.

Heresy- “hair-e-see”

 against orthodox opinion

He committed Republican heresy by saying revenue    needs to be part of any deficit solution.


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