Fordson High School

Response to Recent Concerns

December 16, 2022

Greeting Fordson Community, 

I am sharing information with you today regarding two separate concerns, one appearing on social media and the other involving an item found in a classroom.   

Late on Thursday, the administration at Fordson was made aware of a posting on social media that included a list of names with a title “Death Note”. Dearborn Police were contacted and immediately started an investigation. There was no specific days, times, or threat of action in the note nor could it be determined if the posting was even made by a student. Police are continuing their efforts to identify the person responsible and advised that school continue as normal for Friday.  There was an extra police presence at the school on Friday along with additional administrative support.  

In a separate and non related matter, on Thursday a bullet was found in a classroom trash can.  Although this is a very concerning discovery, administration began an investigation, backpacks were searched, and nothing else was discovered. 

While both of these incidents did not result in any credible threat of danger they are very serious. We will continue to work with law enforcement and take all necessary actions to find those responsible.  

We cannot do this work alone.  Parents, students, and community members must be our partners in putting an end to school threats, violence, and other behaviors that disrupt our school environment.  It is important that these experiences are not elavated to a point that would cause any emotional stress or harm to our children.  Social media can be a great tool for communicating but with that comes a great responsibility. I ask that you please help us in sharing that important message by talking with your children about the dangers and serious consequences of posting false or harmful comments. We should use these experiences as a teaching moment and an opportunity to talk to our children about how to behave on social media, sharing information with parents and trusted adults, and of course, what items are  appropriate and not appropriate to bring to school. 

The entire staff at Fordson is dedicated to providing the very best learning environment for all students.   

Thank you,

Heyam Alcodray

Principal, Fordson High School