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Key Club

Our members finished the 2019 school year this month packaging food, distributed at the civic center for the elderly liquidations, made handmade cards and passed them out at heartland nursing home to patients.

Key Club

Fordson Key Club attended Fall Rally at Anchor Bay High School yesterday! The theme was “The Servin’ Seventies.” This was a district wide rally for ALL Key Clubbers in the Michigan district. It was a day filled with workshops, position training, and bonding with fellow club members while having many opportunities for service! Members embodied- Leadership, Character Building, Caring, and Inclusiveness.

Dominican Republic Visit

Our Fordson students and college chaperones (Mohamed Mazeh and Ahmad Saad, both seniors at U of M Ann Arbor) would have made each of you VERY proud.  They honestly are the reason this was the trip of a lifetime for us all.  They represented Fordson with pride, integrity, and kindness.  We had to tell them to stop giving away their personal belongings!
What we did:
We spent 3 days building a home for a Haitian refugee family in a Batay.  We contributed $2,000 to the building supplies and on the last day distributed over $600 of clothes, flip flops, toilitrees, necessites, toys, and other items we felt they needed.  Manay of the kids spent their own money buying gifts for kids they grew close with.
We visited a school in a poor urban area and were able to travel through the classrooms and play with the students.  We also purchased over $400 in school supplies and asked school administration to distribute the supplies as they saw fit.
We visited an all boys orphanage where our students were able to interact for a few hours playing basketball, Uno, and other games.  I went with one of the supervisors to purchase food to last them at least a month and left them with a $300 voucher to purchase new school shoes for every young man to wear to school.
We were also able to sight see  the last 1 1/2 days!  We took the students to Alto de Chavon where they were able to walk through a village that was established in 4000B.C. and hang out in an amphitheater where Michael Jackson and Elton John (among others) performed.
Finally, we went to an adventure park where the students were able to zip line, visit several lagoons, zip line into water, visit waterfalls and bat caves and interact with monkeys and parrots.

Key Club

Our Fordson Key Clubbers were in the spirit of showing love, compassion, and sympathy to patients at Heartland nursing home this week. They passed out hand made Valentine’s card, interacted with the elder, and showed what this holiday represents- caring/love.

Cheer Squad

Our Varsity cheer team went to the Spirit Shine Competition today in Ortonville, MI, which is their 1st cheer competition ever attended. Our team has only been back for a little over a year now and to be invited to and compete in a competition that has been happening for over 30 years is a HUGE honor for our team.
They have been working harder than ever before and they went with the expectation of learning, BUT they also have a 2nd place ranking in the Varsity Mounting/Cheer Division and are bringing home a trophy.

Choir Happenings

February 2nd, Cantus Men’s Ensemble, Jamileh Women’s Ensemble, and Chamber Choir attended District 12 Solo & Ensemble Festival at Eastern Michigan University and qualified for State Solo & Ensemble Festival.

Key Club Events January 2019

Key Club members along with our Kiwanis adviser, Mr. Frank serviced at Gleaners in Taylor this weekend packaging for the needy in the Southeast region.

Breaking the Cycle with Books

This was Fordson’s first time attending the program Breaking the Cycle with books. This program began at Western High School in Southwest through a former Fordson alumni and student teacher, Mike Cruz. I (Ms. Memminger) am currently working with Mike to extend the program to our school, as well as others.

Eight Fordson students attended; students from River Rouge and Western were also present.
Students were invited to brunch together in Southwest, then on to an independent bookstore (Pages on Grand River) where they could pick a book of their choice on us. After we went down the street, where the kids ordered coffee/tea/hot chocolate. They were encouraged to share their choice or read independently.
Upon return to Fordson, students were asked to reflect on their experience through writing. The intent of this program is to promote positive reading habits, show students that reading doesn’t have to be a chore, and that  reading can be both social and fun.

December 2018

Happy Sunday!
Tis the season to be caring and giving….Fordson Key Club attended their holiday Heartland nursing home visiting and packaged food at gleaners this weekend!

During our Thursday meeting members made hand made Christmas/New Year cards and passed them out during the weekend. Furthermore, they packaged dried goods, drinks, and canned food to be passed out to the less fortunate in the metropolitan area.

Our Kiwanis advisors and I (Mr. Frank and Mrs. Scaramucci) wish the Fordson family a restful and peaceful Holiday and thank you for your continued support!

December 2nd, 2018

Cultural Exchange between Fordson HS and Chelsea HS.

Nov. 25th

Early this morning Key club members, Mrs. Scaramucci, Mr. Frank and I attended the yearly handi-cap bowling event at Vision Lanes in Westland.  This event gave challenged individuals a time to shine and feel a sense of accomplishment while having a good time.  Our students along with Dearborn high members were assigned a lane in which their roles were to cheer on, direct and help support the bowlers. The event started off with an entertaining bowling show and ended with a meal and a little trophy gift for the bowlers.

Key Club and Gleaners

Saturday, October 20th,  our key club members with our Kiwanis advisers visited Gleaners food-bank and packaged hundreds of pounds of food for the less fortunate.

Key club- Volunteer recognition luncheon with the Mayor, city officials and congresswoman Debbie Dingle

Key club

Cultural Exchange

Chamber Choir traveled to Chelsea High School for a Music Cultural Exchange. They spent three hours learning music and sharing stories.

Video Conference

This was a video conference that Spanish 3 and 4 class had with a Mayor of the city of Baranoa in Colombia, last Friday October 5th. The students interview the Mayor of Baranoa, and then he told them about the gastronomy, traditions and festivals in his city. The first two pictures were taken from the classroom and the last one was taken in the City Hall of Baranoa, Colombia.

October 2018 – Fordson Choir performs with the Arab National Orchestra

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