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Teacher contacts by Teams

For regular information about assignments and class activities, subscribe to updates by going to the blogs for the teachers in your 9th grader’s team and entering your email address. To email a teacher, please copy and paste their address into the message composer for your email account.

Team A: Ms. Korogiannis & Mr. Duggan (Math), Ms. Zajaczkowski & Mr. Vader (Science), Ms. Koch & Ms. Stevens (Language Arts), Mr. Holly & Ms. Colter (Social Studies)

Ms. Korogiannis/ Mr. Duggan Emails: korogid@dearbornschools.org & dugganm@dearbornschools.org Blog:
Ms. Zajaczkowski/ Mr. Vader Emails: zajaczc@dearbornschools.org & vadera@dearbornschools.org Blog:
Ms. Koch/ Ms. Stevens Emails: kocha@dearbornschools.org & stevenm@dearbornschools.org Blog:
Mr. Holly/ Ms. Colter Emails: hollyd@dearbornschools.org & colterd@dearbornschools.org Blog:

Team B: Ms. Kerr (Math), Ms. Sobh (Science), Mr. Brewer (Language Arts), Ms. Pius (Social Studies)

Ms. Kerr Email: kerra@dearbornschools.org Blog:
Ms. Sobh Email: sobhj@dearbornschools.org Blog:
Mr. Brewer Email: brewers@dearbornschools.org Blog:
Ms. Pius Email: piusj@dearbornschools.org Blog: http://iblog.dearbornschools.org/mspius/

Team C:  Ms. Yaldo (Math), Ms.Kassem (Science), Ms. Lichocki (Language Arts), Ms. Schumm (Social Studies)

Ms. Yaldo Email: yaldos@dearbornschools.org Blog:
Ms. Kassem Email: kassems@dearbornschools.org Blog:
Ms. Lichocki Email: lichoca@dearbornschools.org Blog: http://iblog.dearbornschools.org/lichocki/
Ms. Schumm Email: schummc@dearbornschools.org Blog: http://iblog.dearbornschools.org/schummc/

Team D: Ms. Beydoun (Math), Ms. Callan (Science), Mr. Dabaja (Language Arts), Ms. Pittman (Social Studies)

Ms. Beydoun Email: beydoum2@dearbornschools.org Blog:
Ms. Callan Email: callanm@dearbornschools.org Blog: http://iblog.dearbornschools.org/callanbio
Mr. Dabaja Email: dabajao@dearbornschools.org Blog:
Ms. Pittman Email: pittmah@dearbornschools.org Blog:



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