Fordson High School

FHS Lockdown

May 8, 2023


As outlined in our Emergency Management Plan, Fordson High School initiated a lockdown on Monday morning to maintain the safety of the building. This action was taken when school administration was made aware of a student allegdly making threatening comments toward Fordson. 

A short time after the lockdown was put into place, the student was located by Dearborn Police. The student was not in the building or on school property and the lockdown at the school was lifted. Dearborn Police continue their investigation to determine the credibility of the alleged comments. 

I want to thank the Dearborn Police for their quick response and efficient actions to locate the student.  I also want to thank our students and staff for following our Emergency Management Plan to maintain a safe school environment. Everyone remained calm, followed procedures, and acted professionally in addressing this situation.  

Given current events both nationally and right here in our state, it can be unsettling to hear that  a school has initiated any type of emergency procedures such as a lockdown. However, these procedures are done not to alarm or cause panic but to maintain the safety and security of the building. This is why we practice all types of emergency procedures throughout the year.   

Fortunately this situation did not present any immediate danger to the staff or students in our building. I encourage everyone to remain vigilant in their efforts to share messages that may appear to pose a threat to the safety and security of our school. By working together we will ensure that Fordson remains a secure and healthy learning space for all students. 

Thank you,

Heyam Alcodray, Principal

Fordson High School