Fordson High School

Fordson Social Media Comment (2/8/2022)

DATE: 2/08/2022

TO: Fordson High School Community

FROM: Ms. Alcodray, Principal

RE: Fordson Social Media Comment.

I am sharing information with you regarding a false comment that appeared on social media today (2/8/2022) and is unfortunately being circulated to others.  

This message is a total fabrication that slanders the name and reputation of a Fordson staff member.  If anyone has seen or is made aware of a message regarding a staff member, please rest assured that the claims are not true.  This is nothing more than the work of an individual who has hacked into a Dearborn Public Schools account to create disruption and cause harm.   

We are working with our technology department to determine the source of this fake post. If we discover that the post was created by a student, we will pursue all disciplinary action from the District.  Additionally, we will turn this over to law enforcement to take further legal action.    

When a member of our Forson staff becomes a victim to those who choose to use social media to harm, we all feel the impact.  Social media can be a great tool for communicating, but when used irresponsibly, it can become destructive.

Please share this important message by talking with your children about the dangers and serious consequences of posting false or harmful comments on social media.  The entire staff at Fordson is dedicated to providing the very best learning environment for all students.   

Thank you,

Heyam Alcodray 

Principal, Fordson High School