Fordson High School

Student Items in Lockers

STUDENT ITEMS IN LOCKERSStudents: if you have items in your hallway locker and/or gym locker that you would like returned, you must provide the following information this Friday, May 22nd:  

  1. Last Name, First Name
  2. Student Number
  3. Hallway Locker Number
  4. Gym locker combination
  5. Items you are requesting

Enter information in this link:   Fordson Locker Clean Out survey. 

If you do not have access to a computer, you may also send a “Remind” text, or call your administrator by Friday, May 22nd.

Items will be available for pickup on June 1st from10am-12pm.   Parents will enter the student parking lot along the main gym access point and staff will bring out students’ items to the car. 

When picking up your items you must display your student name and student number on a sheet of paper for us to see- you must also show a piece of ID with a picture to get your items. We cannot return locker contents without proper ID. Parents must accompany students under 18. Students and parents must stay in their cars at all times.

If a locker has a combination lock – the combination must be provided by May 22nd or the lock will have to be cut.

All lockers items not picked up by Friday, June 12th at noon will be discarded.