Fordson High School

Message from Principal Alcodray


On Thursday afternoon, Fordson High School’s junior varsity football team scrimmaged a team from another school district. 

After the game, there was an altercation between some of the players from both teams. Fordson staff members, as well as Dearborn Police, immediately stepped in to separate students and calm the situation.  

As per Board policy and past practice, one Fordson staff member was placed on Administrative Leave for their involvement in this incident.  It is important to note that being placed on Administrative Leave is not an indication of guilt or innocence. It is a procedural practice done to protect all parties involved and to ensure an unbiased investigation can take place. The District is required to follow all of the processes and procedures that are routinely followed anytime a staff member is involved in such an occurrence.  

Another contracted employee will not be allowed on district property also pending the outcome of the District’s investigation. All of the details of this incident are still being investigated by the District and Dearborn Police. Any further comment at this time would only be based on speculation and rumor. 

Appropriate disciplinary practices will be followed for students involved in the incident. 

The timing of this unfortunate event comes when much of our attention is focused on getting back to school and participating in many of the valued high school traditions such as athletic competition.  As Principal of Fordson High School, and a proud member of the Fordson community, I ask that we continue to focus on preparing for the first day of school and the return of our students to the classroom.   


Heyam Alcodray