Fordson High School

Greetings Fordson Community,

Creating a school environment where all people are treated with respect and courtesy is part of our daily routine at Fordson High School. More than 2,700 students and almost 200 staff members use these principles as they interact with each other to create a welcoming school environment for all.  Unfortunately, on occasion, an individual situation may occur that disrupts our normal routine and expectations.

On Friday morning a student became agitated in class and used profane language to express their frustration with a substitute teacher. Fortunately, no one was injured and no physical altercation occurred but the verbal rant did continue to escalate and the student was asked to leave the classroom. The substitute teacher was also removed from the classroom so that school administration could investigate the details of how the situation occurred.  

At Fordson, we know this isolated incident does not represent the real culture and climate in the school or the typical behavior of our students.  We also understand that in any work or school environment personalities can sometimes conflict and events in our personal life can influence our behaviors. This can result in a situation quickly rising to a level of frustration far beyond a rational response.  

I wanted to share this information to assure all parents and community members that what occurred today at our school is not the typical behavior of our students or staff.  The actions of a single person should not reflect the many accomplishments of our students both in and out of the classroom.



Heyam Alcodray


Fordson High School