Yearbook Pies Thursday Update: 30 books sold!

As an added incentive for the students and staff to purchase their yearbooks this week, if we sell at least 150 yearbooks by THIS FRIDAY, September 19, Mrs. Ferris will take some pies to her face at the pep rally next month.  That’s “some pies,” not “a pie.”   And that’s a promise.

But, Mrs. Ferris is in the lead.  With 30 books sold so far this year, you need to buy 120 books by Friday!  Can you do it? Mrs. Ferris is still betting “no,”  but she’s starting to get a little nervous.

Come on Fordson! Get those pies ready! Get your yearbook now!

Josten: back to school special flyer

Mrs. Ferris, Yearbook Adviser

Mrs. Ferris, Yearbook Adviser