Fordson Courtyard

Fordson Alumni Fundraiser

On Saturday, at 7:00PM, City Councilman Tom Tafelski and other Fordson Alumni will be holding a fundraiser for the FHS Courtyard at the Red Martini (Formerly The Well) on Michigan Ave.

Please join us for this event, it should be fun.

FALL 2013 Update

On Saturday, September 28th, Fordson students and Rajaa Musleh, of Picasso Design Group, worked on the Courtyard.  Students are constructing an outdoor classroom and have begun preparations for a fountain and engraved pavers.  You can sign up to volunteer in the main office.  We can always use more help!

We appreciate all for your support and patience. We are beginning the third year of the Courtyard Project and we are on pace to complete the Courtyard by April 2014.  Thanks again and Go Tractors!!!!!

FHS Courtyard, 2013

Click here to link to a Youtube video describing plans for Courtyard and a brief history of Fordson High School.


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