Important School Safety Message

February 27, 2018

Dear Parents,

As part of our ongoing effort to keep an open line of communication with our parents, I would like to take a moment to share information regarding a story that has been circulating in some parts of our community.

Last night, we received information that a student made some vague threats on social media.  At this point, the authorities are well aware of the situation and talking with the student and the family. It appears that this is a case of someone not thinking about what they were saying or understanding the implications of their words. I would like to be clear that at no time were any students or staff in danger. The information that was shared with the school was acted upon immediately and with the full cooperation of the Dearborn Police and the family involved.

We do live in a time where any type of threatening comment must be acted upon swiftly and the consequences for making such comments can be severe. Please use this information as an opportunity to talk with your children about careful use of social media and comments made to other students.

Keeping an open line of communications and working together will allow us to continue to be a great school and a safe place for your child.



Heyam Alcodray


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